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Prior to the Council of Trent and up to the proclamation of the Bull of Pius Vth, England, though Eliza, had been quite tolerant of those of her subjects who followed the new doctrine of Trent as regards Transubstantiation, Purgatory ,Mariolatry. When the Pope followed the call of the Robber Council However, and refused his followers permission to worship at Anglican altars, they had to pay fines, but that was the law! There was even talk of allowing the Roman Dissenters their own bishops. But the Bull against Elizabeth changed matters. It was a sentence of death for the Queen whose cousin and mother,had suffered the fate extended to redundant queens. Both were executed. Further the pope in his madness refused his followers permission to take the Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign, thus involving them in treason. However, action was only taken against the new priests of Trent and the few people who openly supported them. Initially, the new priests, from the political colleges at Douai ,Louvain , who were in fact cadres from the political schools of the papacy, were given a fortnight to leave England and go abroad. They had to report to the local magistrates and to take the first transport home. If they came back and were caught, they were tendered the Oath again and asked the ,'Bloody Questions," i.e In case of a Spanish Invasion, would they fight for Church , queen and country? Usually they said no.There were two attempted Spanish Invasions, with troops, Spaniards, German, and Italian ones from the papal lands. The cost was that a state of war lasted for about 40 years between England and the Bishop of Rome and his allies. The cost in lives was about 140 over the years when the papal lunacy was at its height and what with the costs of plots to assassinate the Queen the tensions must have caused breakdowns in relationships, marital and so on, in health and the financial costs in fines it must have been enormous.Andall for what?

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