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During the Weimar Republic poverty and inflation was at it's highest state. A new party arose. The Nacional socialists. The name consisted of anything the people might want to vote for. This party was like a circus it had lots of propaganda and had many experts on fireworks. when a member of the party heard Hitlers speech in Austria he immediately thought that that was the future of Germany! Adolf Hitler an ex-soldier had great speech abilities. Soon Hitler became the president of the Nacionalsocialist party (Nazi for short). With him as president, the help from Russian communists and the huge amount of propaganda (parties, posters, giving out food...) the Nacionalsocialists soon came to power, Hitler became the chancellor of Germany, and soon the president as well. He became a dictator, calling himself the fuhrer(leader). I hope this helps! ~Suaske666~


As I understand it, the nazis were voted in to power!

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