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I shouldn't have thought so! First of all, these ,"Revolutionaries,"were no more than political whigs. There was nothing, particularly, revolutionary about them. They didn't try to overthrow the social system, only one aspect of the political part of it ,the Monarchy ! They were not particularly persecuted or desperate in any way, they had probably more freedom than any other of part of the world. The didn't want freedom for the black slaves, and not only did they persecute Indians, a major cause of the war was the Government's protection of the Native Americans and their lands. It is estimated that a third of Americans supported the Government whilst a third were whigs leaving a third neutrals. The Whigs simply carried on a reign of terror against the Loyalists and a somewhat easier struggle against the neutrals. People were imprisoned and shot for opposing them, there were pogroms against their opponents and whole communities or sections were driven out of their homes!. "Uncompromising commitment to liberty and equality"?It wasn't even a dream!

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